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The wooden buildings, some of which are over 200 years old and often include a loft, have been tended over generations.They are surrounded by geometrically divided farm gardens with low box hedges.Tip: Discover the Gotthelf Centre as part of a guided tour.Most of the farmhouses received their distinctive look with long rows of windows, loggias and “Ründine” in the nineteenth century.Just as it did 100 years ago, the carefully milled flour comes from the neighbouring mill of the Haldemann family, which is now tended by the fifth generation of artisan millers. Peter and Elsbeth Riedwyl-Oberli make the meringues according to an old family tradition. The sugar is added with a shovel that has served this same purpose for generations.It’s important to add the sugar gradually into the whipped egg whites – this adds volume to the mixture.Even though the region is situated at relatively high altitude, this garden tradition has been able to establish itself – alongside the dairy industry, cattle industry and agriculture.

In 1910, he founded the Kambly company together with his brother Paul.

Since 1902, the umbrella organisation of the Federal Hornussen Association, together with its regional divisions, has been organising the various leagues and the Federal Hornussen Festival.

The aim is for the striker to hit the Nouss (puck) far into the Ries (playing field) using a flexible stick between two and three metres in length.

Tip: At Kambly SA, you can watch the Maîtres Confiseurs at work and sample all the delicious treats for free on the Kambly Adventure Tour. Kambly I bought the flour for his Kambly biscuits from the Trubschachen village mill.

This agreement was sealed with a handshake, and is still in place to this day.

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Even during the war years, he stuck to his iron principles concerning quality – and ever since, Kambly quality has become almost a figure of speech.

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