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Page and Maddox, though, managed to keep their relationship under wraps enough to avoid jail time.

Maddox says Page was “one of the great loves of [her] life,” insisting it wasn’t morally wrong because she “didn’t think of [herself] as underage.” Page and Maddox’s relationship ultimately fell apart.

In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a scene of groupies who got close enough to the musicians that they changed their lives.

Some inspired song lyrics, some birthed their children—and every one of them got their stars in a whole heap of trouble.

But some of them were a lot more than just one-night stands.Page even called her mother and asked for permission to date her daughter, and Mrs.Maddox, probably dreaming of having a son-in-law with Led Zeppelin money, gave them her blessing. When rumors got out that Jimmy Page was dating a freshman in high school, the FBI started an investigation and tried to get enough proof to charge him with statutory rape.He formed a group called the GTOs, a band that entirely consisted of groupies, with Pamela Des Barres at the lead.And he even hired her as Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa’s nanny.

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It wasn’t the age difference; it was that Maddox walked in on him with another woman: Bebe Buell, better known today as Liv Tyler’s mother.

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