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'm ALWAYS on the hunt for Victorian sidesaddle habits! just two areas of small holes (one lost in folds, the other at the hemline - see photos) and a bit of lining tearing inside skirt hemline. Even the satin INTERIOR of the bodice is gorgeous!!This one is a riding habit with the skirt that can be worn down as a skirt, or hiked up (as you see) with the silvertone skirt lifter (that came with it). There is one button missing as well (so I would move the top button down and wear a large pin (cameo) at the top buttonhole.... There is a handwritten tag inside that reads "Lepper Gardner".I believe the single "REVILLE" label dates to 1919-1929. it's in great condition inside and out with the only issue to mention is the slight oxidation of the ribbon (mostly at the back) and ever so slightly onto the back gold lace, but as the lace is moddled in design, you hardly see an issue. even though I've seen others that look similar that are newer... this one doesn't have that thick stiff wax so looks a lot more natural. Andre Courreges started a style revolution with his space age fashion He spent many years working for Balenciaga, so no surprise this suit is perfectly cut and sewn with meticulously matching lines. The trim, breast pockets and belt are a canary yellow heavy ribbed fabric. The only issue is one extremely light small spot found on the lower skirt back (see photo) and the fact that the belt needs a cleaning. Measures: 40" bust, up to 30" waist, up to 40" hips, 23" long skirt.I have owned this dress in my private collection for over 20 years. I have read that brand new top quality Katsura (Geisha) wigs can sell for up to ,000. Fairly heavy weight pieces in what seems to be a cotton blend (? The skirt is slight hip-hugger, A-line and seems the zipper is to be worn in the front!!! Items like this extraordinary, intricately embroidered cap (or bonnet) are rarely seen outside of museums!This coat will go to auction if it doesn't sell on this website... There are textile weavers who can repair tiny holes like this so they become invisible.Measures: 46" across bustline, 40" long from shoulder to hem.The swing sleeves are the special design element here! Only wish I could find an advertisement or fashion layout for this coat.

this gown has been in a personal collection for about 30 years. Simple shape, off the shoulder wide "v" neckline, "v" waist at front, cap sleeves with matching "v" shape and simple ecru netting lace, beautiful seaming, gorgeous ivory silk satin. These were, without a doubt, the finest fabrics of the time. The gowns were possibly made in America of the imported fabric. Simple shape, off the shoulder wide "v" neckline, "v" waist at front, cap sleeves with detailing and spiderweb lace, beautiful seaming, and with the original long under sleeves to be worn with and without. There is a heavy macrame ties hanging down at front, and the original hooks/eyes close the top half of the coat. And the most telling statement regarding the likely huge original price tag on these pieces is that "Galindo Couture’s one-of-a-kind gowns featured in Saks Fifth Avenue’s gown shows touring the country in 2000 sold all 20 gowns". Well, this is not that gown, but this one is similar, and from the same era.... I've been holding on to this gown for years now.... I'm an expert on BEAUTY, and this has all the "bells and whistles" you could possibly want in a 1860s gown! That alone is gorgeous enough, however, under that is a thin layer of pleated chiffon at front and under that, another flat layer of chiffon.

That gown was sold at auction and was believed to have been owned by internationally renowned ballerina, Margot Fonteyn.

I have found other labels of a "Nina Ricci patron original" label with the additional Marie Therese label, so I'm not absolutely sure if Marie Therese was just a top designer retail boutique, or additionally a dressmaker creating authorized couture designer gowns or both.

When I purchased, it was said to have been worn by Mrs. Sadly, I couldn't close it on my smallest dressform (it measures 30" bust, 22" waist), but you'd want a smaller dressform as the off-the-shoulder shape shouldn't be stressed. Calvin Coolidge's (Grace Coolidge) show-stopping inaugural gown. From my research, these were actually referred to as "gold caps", and this type of headwear was common in Germany and surrounds.

Stanton and there was a handwritten name inside, but that is now in tatters (still sewn into the seam, but not sure that Mrs. The numbered tag inside the seam is also starting to tatter, so you will want to stabilize that small piece of silk paper. you have the entire dress covered with embroidered multicolored flowers on vines. The material is perfectly strong and nearly like new (even the underarms are clean!!! From the Wadsworth Athneneum's Costume and Textile collection... Elizabeth Galindo who is a designer, fashion historian (hence the very vintage feel of her gowns) and fashion restorer. The gorgeous steel blue/gray/silver velvet is fairly consistently dirty (years of dust), but still looks fabulous! This one has no case, but it's likely human hair with fine lace front, has the original ornaments and I believe it's older than the last one I sold. And I believe that's the maker's mark inside (the stylized bird)I wish I could give you more information on this piece. This ornately decorated cap is embroidered in gold foil, metallic thread, cord, sequins, teeny seed beads, surprising blue glass jewels, etc. This example would have been considerably time-consuming, and for it to have been created for a CHILD (it is child sized), this would have to have been quite a wealthy family. The cap has been professionally re-lined in fine linen by the museum. this is one of the MOST wonderful summer fancy ballgowns from the era you will see outside of a museum. I can get measurements, but really this is one that belongs on display and not worn.

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It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern.

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