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It’s a great way to bring a smile on her face, or maybe get her laughing like crazy all day, depends on the joke.

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep a conversation going over text, you’ve got to express interest in the other person’s opinion. And always remember that emoticons are great, until you overuse them. If you just stop responding, this might be a sign of disrespect or abandonment to the other. Showing interest in your texting partner is so important for how to keep a conversation going over text. If you can make the person on the other end smile when they read your text, then you’ve mastered the art of how to keep a conversation going over text.They just sit down comfortably and go through all our loves texts that we’ve send them… This basically means sending her a text to start a sms conversation.It could be a quick way of updating each other about what you’re doing, or expressing your feelings towards each other through a series of 4-5 texts.Now, if you send her such a text, it has to be truthful as well, it has be inspired from your life.So you need to have a good answer to give her later on in order to satisfy her curiosity.

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