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On October 18, 2010, Netflix became a free downloadable application on the Wii Shop Channel, making the streaming disc no longer necessary.

The Netflix service launched on the Nintendo 3DS on July 14, 2011.

When you're ready to launch a channel, simply highlight it, and press the [OK/Select] button on your remote.

You can add the channel via this link: https://com/add/My Channels Turn your television into a relaxing aquarium or a stunning living oil painting with a variety of tropical fish and a dynamic and colorful coral reef.

In 2014, Microsoft changed the terms for Xbox Live, no longer requiring a Gold subscription to access Netflix and any other online streaming service on Xbox consoles; however, a Netflix subscription is still required to access content. Hastings stated in the announcement that "LG Electronics was the first of our technology partners to publicly embrace our strategy for getting the Internet to the TV, and is the first to introduce a Blu-ray player that will instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to the TV." Subsequently, Netflix agreed to stream movies to two of Samsung's Blu-ray Disc players.

In May 2008, Roku released the first set-top box, The Netflix Player by Roku, to stream Netflix's Instant Watch movies directly to television sets. In July 2009, Sony partnered with Netflix to enable Sony BRAVIA Internet Platforms to access instant queues for Netflix users.

Besides a Netflix account with unlimited streaming, there are no additional costs for the service.

In contrast to the other two consoles, the Wii is not capable of HD resolution.

In 2012 Sony released a firmware "update" for some of its "older" BRAVIA TV's which meant that Netflix & You Tube support was terminated.Once you've created your group, highlight a channel you want in that group and hit the [*] or [Play/Pause] button and choose to add it to your new group.You can add as many groups as you want, and any channel can be in as many groups as you want.You can add the channel via the channel store, or directly via this link: https://com/add/Main Squeeze Tired of endlessly scrolling left and right on the Roku home screen, trying to find the channel you want to watch? My Channels is a home screen channel organizer and launcher.It allows you to group all of the channels currently installed on your Roku into logical groups for faster and easier access to your favorites.

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