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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.One movie I don't hear mentioned at all is "The Changeling" with George C. It's really creepy throughout and quite clever, I think.The original Wicker man (1973) is a good psycological mind fvck and scary because the people in the movies honestly thought that way. I saw this movie during the week, had the day off from work, and went by myself to the movie theatre. If I'm dating a man and he destroys a spider for my hero!The best recent horror movie (haunted house movie) i've seen in years is The lady in Black. Needless to say, NO one was in the theatre but ME..... ;)daynadaze- Thanks a lot, you are going to get me to the point I'm that person with only my toes in and swim wings on. I grew up on the water, I would miss it too much, so I take the risk.If the scenes with the twins don't freak you out, I don't know what to tell you."Carrie" is another of the all time greats.

There was a popular crime/drama show on tv a few years back that did lots of panning movements, couldn't watch that either....forgot the name.... The scene where the boys in the car with his mom and he finally fesses up and she doesn't believe him, so he tells her about her ballet recital, tell me you didn't cry, I was a mess. The Blair Witch project held my attention long enough to make me stick it out until the ending, and then after all that, he's in the corner?! I, (possible),animals, toys, other beings/ powers/worlds, diseases, trauma, odd endings, asylums, jails,just...scary.

Do you know how scary it is to sit in a gigantic theatre by yourself? I could not put my feet on the ground, they were up on the chair in front of me. I haven't seen snakes on a plane, I've heard of it, is it worth watching? Someone else mentioned associating snakes with India Jones, my mind went straight there too. " Love me some Harrison Ford :)^^^^^Snakes on a Plane, in my opinion, was a stupid movie. Now Though love Asian Medias Art Works(Quite Sad, Funny, Deep Thinking, music, background atmosphere, all any etcs..)Akira(Anime)China: Mr.

Wasn't there a recent case of a spider coming up out of the toilet in Florida??? I have always had a fear of spiders, not sure why I bothered seeing this movie. Yes, lots of scary snakes but it's only worth it as a rental if you are strictly wanting to see a snake/scary movie. Vampire(Think 5 of them and..)Based On Kanae Minato Novel Kokuhaku Film Confessions South Korean Drama Horror/Thriller Film Be Devilled -OR- Kim Bok-nan Salinsageonui Jeonmal The Whole Story of the Kim Bok-nam Murder Case, Hanyo The House Maid, Cello Ju-On Grudge, Ringu To Sir, With Love, Suicide Song / Densen Uta, The Cat, The House (?

Those are true stories, sharks scare the bejeebas out of me!

And yeah when Jaws came out, I was still in my afraid of everything stage and even taking a bath or sitting on the toilet scared me, Jaws messed with me for years LOLMy biggest fear is snakes, so I don't even like to watch a movie with a snakes in it, even stupid ones like Snake on a Plane.

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Ditto with the Halloween movies, especially the Rob Zombie version, he goes more into the back story of how Micheal got to be the way he was.

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