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Night – his past, his background, and his inspirations, along with a small behind the scenes look at M. Shortly before the special aired on Sci-Fi, several websites started to claim the unauthorized look wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be, and may have even been created by Night himself.Sure enough, the day before the special was to air, Sci-Fi came clean and debunked it’s own controversy, before it was even broadcast.Even the layout of the cover of “The Buried Secret” is an exact duplicate of The Village’s corresponding DVD release.Then there’s the special itself, which aired over three hours on Sci-Fi.But I am waiting for Friday and a packed house - there is something more innately frightening in the situation if you consider that fear could cause a riot in which we may be trampled.

However, like the other films that have followed The Blair Witch Project, it doesn’t live up to the original and, in this case, doesn’t live up to the mystery and suspense Night managed to create with his first few successful films. Everything about the DVD release of “The Buried Secret of M.

This is an extremely disappointing presentation that is only rivaled by David Lynch’s decision not to include chapters on one of his films because he didn’t agree on breaking his movie up that way. Night Shyamalan” is a poorly planned, unimaginative feature, and once it’s been seen once, there’s no other reason for its existence.

Once you’ve seen “The Buried Secret…” you’ve seen all there is to see here as well. The crappy 124-minute documentary is it, and while I guess that’s understandable (there really is no reason for “behind the scenes” except for maybe an apology) it’s still a bit of a sham. While that would be acceptable as a DVD extra, it’s not something we should tolerate as a DVD feature presentation. Night Shyamalan, use your imagination and leave this tripe in stores.

It’s as if every decent story thread that’s started is dropped before it can be used, leaving poorly conceived ideas to try and convince the viewer that Night is not telling fictional stories, but tales based on events in his own life.

The truth is, the concept is a good one, and if it had been properly done, this special could have added an air of mystery and fun to M.

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Night Shyamalan that could have eclipsed the poor reception of The Village.

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