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Version GTW1 ,, gt .g8"""bgd`7MM mm \/ .d P' pink `M MM MM `' d M' ` MM .g P"Ya`7MMp MMMb. V.35 Street Sweeper Brucie Kibbutz' missions V.36 Search and Delete V.37 Easy as Can Be V.38 Out of the Closet Dates can be set up online through or 1 V.40 Races How to win Brucie's races uncontested V.40.a Airport Run V.40.b Dukes Boulevard V.40.c South Broker V.41 Friends--Brucie Kibbutz V.42 Friends--Carmen Ortiz ("So Bo Hoe") V.43 Friends--Kiki Jenkins ("Law Chick") V.44 Friends--Alex Chilton ("Liberated Woman") Elizabeta Torres' missions V.45 Luck of the Irish V.46 Blow Your Cover &&&& Part two Algonquin is open VI Preliminaries for part two VI.1 Save places and parking spaces part two VI.2 Internet Cafe VI.3 Some clothes, vehicle, car wash, skate park, and strip club locations part two and the locations of a comedy club and a helicopter tour agency VI.4 Algonquin Pay 'n' Sprays VI.5 Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and weapons part two VI.6 Flying Rats part two VI.7 Stunt Jumps part two VI.8 Achievements VI.9 Most Wanted part two VI.9.a Shon Kikuchi VI.9.b Jimmy Kand VI.9.c Simon Nashly VI.9.d Tommy Francovic VI.9.e Barry Lamora VI.9.f Lino Friddell VI.9.g Juan Haimo VI.9.h Darren Covey VI.9.i Leo Brodell VI.9.j Christov Mahonvic VI.10 Make a copy of your save game **** VII Missions for part two Brucie Kibbutz' missions cont.,p P"Ybdmm MMmm.g P"Ya`7Mb,od8,p P"Ybd MM MM, M' Yb MM MM 8I `" MM , M' Yb MM' "'8I `" MM. VII.1 Races VII.1.a Star Junction VII.1.b Road to Bohan VII.1.c South Algonquin Manny Escuela's missions cont. V.32 Roman's Sorrow Manny Escuela's missions V.33 Escuela of the Streets V.34 Random Characters--Mel Manny Escuela's missions cont. V.29 Rigged to Blow Dimitri Rascalov's missions V.30 The Master and the Molotov V.31 Russian Revolution Roman Bellic's missions cont.

VII.14 The Holland Play VII.15 Random Characters--Cherise VII.16 Friends--Dwayne Forge Roman Bellic's missions cont. VII.26 Lure Patrick Mc Reary's missions VII.27 Harboring a Grudge VII.28 Waste Not Want Knots VII.28 Friends--Kate Mc Reary Patrick Mc Reary's missions cont.

V.3 Three's a Crowd V.4 Bleed Out V.5 First Date Have Niko date Michelle V.6 Friends Male friends Girlfriends Initial opinion of each Activity Activities and locations V.7 Friends--Michelle Stone V.8 Friends--Roman Bellic Roman Bellic's missions cont.

(cutscene intro) Roman Bellic's missions III.2 The Cousins Bellic **** IV Preliminaries for the rest of part one IV.1 Save places and parking spaces part one IV.2 Maps IV.3 GPS IV.4 Money IV.5 Internet Cafe--items shown on a computer IV.6 Some clothes, vehicle, car wash, skate park, and strip club locations part one and a sex shop Avoiding the fee and wanted rating at the toll booths IV.7 Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and weapons part one IV.8 Flying Rats part one IV.9 Stunt Jumps part one IV.10 QUB3D videogame IV.11 Bowling IV.12 Darts IV.13 Pool IV.14 Achievements IV.15 Most Wanted part one IV.15.a Maxwell Caughlin IV.15.b Scott Guzowski IV.15.c Antoinio Rivette IV.15.d Rodrigo Stavnes IV.15.e Fernando Tisdel IV.15.f Tyler Pickrel IV.15.g Preston Pecinovsky IV.15.h Alonso Goralski IV.15.i Bert Reker IV.15.j Freddy Paparo IV.16 Make a copy of your save game **** V The missions for part one cont. V.1 It's Your Call Niko gets a cell phone V.1.a Cell phone V.2 Random Characters--Brian V.2.a First encounter V.2.b Second encounter V.2.c Third encounter Roman Bellic's missions cont.

IX.17 Babysitting IX.18 Tunnel of Death Francis Mc Reary's missions cont.

IX.19 Blood Brothers Patrick Mc Reary's missions cont.

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