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It shows that he cares because he doesn’t want you to get hit by a car, and that he also takes charges.

About their mommas…Not to say they’re perfect – Latino men can be and jealous at times – but they have good intentions.

) and consider myself an equal opportunity employer.

I don’t discriminate and have dated my fair share of white boys.

Your mom is sure that her only hope for grandmotherhood is your younger brother, and now you find yourself explaining the ins and outs of sperm donors and adoption, as well as assuring her that your ovaries still work.

At least a third are gay, and 100% of that third will inevitably end up crammed at the same little table, catching up on all things gay while heteronormativity goes on around them, oblivious to the gay agenda being discussed over shots of tequila. It’s of no real relevance to you, you’ll most likely never meet her, but it feels good to find the gay roots in your family.

The best way to learn to pee on command is to experience the true pressure of sitting through a film where you know there will be same-sex sex—with your parents.

While in Mexico, I used the opportunity to interview five different Mexican men on how they felt about interracial dating, particularly black women.

The information I received will be insightful for women interested in pursuing these men.

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