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Taylor tricked upwards of 16 women out of thousands of dollars, nearly sending one young victim into bankruptcy in the process.He used manipulation to gain access to personal finance information, moving funds and opening new accounts in their names; switching to intimidation and blackmail whenever the women caught wind of what was going on.Many of the women discovered they were HIV-positive by chance due to health problems or after they learned of Talluto's arrest.The youngest of the victims was 14 years old at the beginning of her relationship with the defendant while the oldest was around 40. Around 35 million people around the world have died from the HIV/AIDS pandemic since it began in the 1980s.The Fifth Gala for the German AIDS Foundation joins the fight against the disease - with an arsenal of singing and laughter.

“Each time we had a question or doubt, he would have another story to cover up the lie,” read one of the letters.Experts are shocked over the spread of HIV in Russia and eastern Europe.The problem has reached epidemic proportions, despite the fact that methods for stopping the spread of the virus are well known.Instead, they convicted him of "grievous and incurable bodily harm." "Talluto has never cooperated, he has made false statements, he has always denied any responsibility, even in the face of the evidence," prosecutor Elena Neri told the court last month."His actions were intended to sow death," she added.

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One noted how skilled he was in his approach, meticulously sticking to his fake identity in order to get close to women he would ultimately steal from.

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