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Hunter's paranormal expert friends claim Jordan has to be a werewolf and explain that Jordan had two ways which could cause her becoming a werewolf: being in the bloodline of a werewolf family, getting bitten by a werewolf or being infected by werewolf blood.Further they explain that LB-217 was an old Latin term for werewolf blood by the ancient Greek king, Lycaon, who caused the lycanthropy myth.

In order to salvage her crush and return to her normal self, Jordan must rely on Hunter to save her before it is too late.The three of them go into town collecting supplies for the werewolf cure.There Gordon tells Jordan that he liked the old Jordan so she was about to tell him about her werewolf self but before she could her hands begin to grow claws.When Paulina ask Jordan if she's ok, Jordan nods with a deeper voice and says "yes" but she them coughs it up and in her normal voice says "I'm fine." After that Jordan grows werewolf ears and almost attacks Paulina, so Hunter gives her sunglasses to cover her werewolf eyes, but then after that the car breaks down so Paulina goes to fix it as Jordan and Hunter get out of the car after hearing weird noises and see that there are vampires behind Paulina.As it turns out, Paulina is an evil vampire who wants to take over Wolfsburg Manor, and that she killed Uncle Dragomir and Jordan is next.

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