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“To me she was like an angel on earth,” Conners said.

An avid traveler who loved hunting and fishing with her two daughters, Dixie and Windermere, her home was engulfed by flames from the Atlas Peak fire last Sunday evening.

Sheriff Tom Allman knew the widow, who died last week in the Redwood Valley fire.

“My crew of eight deputies and detectives found Margaret in the ashes of her home,” he told the Sacramento Bee.

“She took everybody under her wing.” Windermere and her husband and sons tried to reach Lewis and Santos after they heard about the fire Sunday evening, crashing their car through the front gate to try to reach the house in time, but it was too late.

“There was a 20-foot fire tornado column,” she told the paper, “spinning around the patio.” Michael John Dornbach Michael Dornbach, 57, lived in Southern California but was visiting friends and family near Calistoga when fires ripped through the area early last Monday morning.

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